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Class of 2016-17 (check posts below)

Bridges - Who knew paper and pasta could make some strong structures

Wow some of your amazing Towers, Tunnels and Turrets homework! You worked so hard!

Warwick Castle

What an amazing day, the children were either drunk or thieves..... We climbed a huge amount of steps to the top of the wall. Watched the Trebuchet launch and talked about the birds of prey. The Bear Tower was cool and dark with paw prints on the walls. Bear fighting! 


We climbed spiral staircases and walked along the battlements, looked through the arrow slits and thought about how the enemy might attack.


We watched the film and graphics in the Time Tower, we learned about what changes had happened to the castle ad some of the people who had lived there.


we completed your day with a blast in the Horrible Histories Maze.... We even lost some children (for a while)!


A quick play on the slides and back to the coach. A cold and windy day but it stayed dry!

4.4.2017 Easter bonnets - ready to sing in the church rooms check the VRC for videos

3.4.2017 Maths How do you measure a curly line? Is it longer or shorter than the straight one?

Enchanted Woodland Family Collective Worship 30.3.17

Comic Relief - Friday 24th March - Phew we got hot. Check out the VRC!

23.3.2017 - Gymnastics travelling - over, under, through and along.

20.3.2017 Wet Monday

Through the rain we hunted. we worked closely in teams to find it. The evidence that their had been a lost rainbow. Could we find all of the colours made form natural items or would we have to cheat and find some manmade things too? Look for all the colours in your back garden. Are they there? What is pink or purple?

Stop! What is happening? Who is that? What does she want?

17.3.2017 - PE We do have to have strong bodies to balance well

The fire safety talk - ask us what we found out about staying safe at home.

Fractions - we can find half and quarter of amounts including money

13.3.2017 - building shelters in Forest Schools. How strong were they?

6.3.2017 - "Who's that trip trapping over MY bridge?" First we had to make the bridges and try not to fall into the river!

27.2.2017 - Fairy potions and magical liquids - we even found some frogspawn.

22.2.2017 Look at our Easter lunchbox. Can you explain why these items are there?

20.2.2017 Engage - Enchanted Woodland walk - we went all the way to Hartshorne pond and beyond. Look what we found.

Furry Visitors 9.2.2017


Mason and his mum brought their little pets into visit Willow. We saw REAL paws, claws and whiskers.

We fed them their breakfast, can you see what they like?

They were very well behaved and made little squeaky noises.

2.2.2017 Pet detectives - Today we had a delivery of creatures! What do they eat? Where do they live? How will they survive?

Muddy Monday - Bird Feeders 30th January 2017

23.1.2017 - Muddy Monday


Be creative, use the clay, make an animal face.

This was all the support the children needed to go and try. Trees were the canvas, bits and bobs were the features. Look high and low to discover who and what is watching us outside.


Some children were creating for more than 45 minutes, some decided to have more clay and tried two. They talked about and admired each others' work. Well done Willow and Beech!

17.1.2017 - Look at our amazing Maths skills.

16.1.2017 - Muddy Monday - dry for a change!

9.1.2017 African Mud art...... is paint better than mud? It was great fun though!

9.1.2017 Buddy Readers in Beech and Willow

Muddy Monday 21.11.16


Well we had rain, rain and more rain - making fabulous puddles!!


"Let them jump in puddles and enjoy the adventure -

that's why we have washing machines and brave kids"


There were wet socks and muddy faces, laughter and fun. We all dried off together!

7.11.16 - Muddy Monday Leafy Fun !

31.10.2016 Muddy Monday - Room on the Broom (and den building) - Spot the Witch?

Superhero scavenger hunt..... what did you find? Thank you to all the parents that joined us and have supported Muddy Monday with great outdoor clothing

3.10.2016 - Muddy Monday, climbing trees, balancing FANTSTIC fun

23.9.2016 PE completing Superhero moves. Watch out!!!

22.9.2016 - Making Crosses out of natural resources - more problem solving

19.9.2016 International Dot day

Today we read The Dot by Peter H Reynolds.

We Learned about the character Vashti, she had low confidence at the beginning of the story and didn't believe in herself. As she tried more and improved her work she realised her true potential.



We then did some DOT drawing and went out into the rain to get more dotty!

16.9.2016 - Roald Dahl many can you recognise?

15.9.2016 Our first visit to the church....... watch out for the sketches in the classroom!

Superheroes Launch .......... Amazing response to the cry for help!!

Wednesday 6th July - division of 5, 2 and 10.... test them

Ella's homework.....taking part in the Brazil Parade at the Festival of Leisure

Senses Test!! - Hold your nose and eat apple or onion...... can you taste it? Let go. What about now?

Friday 22nd April. Smelly herb day.... we ground, squeezed, pinched and grated many herbs to make homemade smelly play dough

Planting Potatoes - 18.4.2016


As part of the topic we decided to use our raised bed. We've got some seed potatoes .

The bed needed weeding before we could plant anything.

Phew we got sweaty digging

Monday 18th April - Meet the chicks, at a week old they were funny to watch. They're noisy but sweet and cuddley. Bob, Fluffy, Scarlett, Rainbow and Nugget!

Plantasia 13.4.2016, Beech and Willow went to explore the amazing world of plants. Then had fun in the mazes loosing and finding each other. Who can you spot? (some of us are on Beech's page)!

12.4.2016A Granville sports teacher came to teach us new skills, followed by a Maypole lesson on Wednesday

12.4.2016 Planting Sweet Peas - can't wait for the bees to visit

Easter Parade 24.3.2016. Back to Willow to start the egg competition. Who won?

Friday 18th March

The Assemblies came to Willow with the most amazing dressing up box full of props. They taught us about the Easter Story. From Palm Sunday to Easter Monday, our drama was packed full of details and information. Can you spot some of the main characters?

17th March 2016 - Derbyshire Fire Safety Talk. Ask you child what they can remember about staying safe

Monday 14th March - The story of the workers in the vineyard started some discussions about what was fair!

9th March....... We made CLOUDS...... what a messy way to learn some basic cloud names

World Book Day 3rd March - spot the characters

Numicon......what an amazing way to learn bonds to 10

We started our SPLENDID SKIES with a Nature Walk - ask your child about what we saw.

we ended our BOUNCE with balloon cars and looking at forces

Tuesday 9th February - Grace brought "Doris" to help tell us about wheat, grain and flour!

Monday 8 February 2016 Chinese New Year

Still image for this video
We celebrated with special dance routines!

We worked together

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Look at the concentration

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All dressed in red

Still image for this video

Dancing like dragons celebrating the Year of the Monkey

Charlie and Jacob move to "playing with a ball" 3 February 2016

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We were throwing the volleyball to each other.  We rolled the bowling ball to each other. we hit the ball too.

Evie and Libby dancing

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We were dancing and our dancing was about a ball. We were doing it to the beat of the music. We had to decide what we would dance about together.

Ella dancing

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I am dancing doing the sport volleyball and gymnastics. On the gymnastics I am throwing the ball up and waiting for it to come down.  I let it fall on my foot behind me. Ella

Bounce song 1 February 2016

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Little bit of music and actions around bounce!

Friday 29th January - Then we moved onto nets of shapes

Thursday 28th January, Playing with 2d and 3d shapes

This Little Guiding Light 27 January 2016

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We sang this song to celebrate having goodness to share. Not hiding it or somebody telling us that we're not good enough!

Friday 22nd January

Science investigation

The children had a challenge to find out "Which ball was the bounciest". They had to record what they found out, and decide which ball and which surface was the bounciest.

Safe use of the ICT equipment including the internet

This week Willow have started to look at stories Jesus told that help us follow a Christian lifestyle. We started with The Lost Coin. You can watch the story here.

Beech and Willow Pass the parcel Friday 18th December

Thursday 10th December Experience Christmas

Wednesday 9th December - Diwali

Friday 4th December

Willow class have been learning about fractions. Today we made fraction pizzas. Look at the pizza they brought home and ask about the fractions.

Friday 20th November

Willow class have been looking at weddings and we held a Friendship Wedding, writing promises to each other.

Children In Need - Heroes Friday 13 November 2015

Tuesday 10th November

Prayer Space - The children had an opportunity to work with the Swadlincote Assembly Team to talk about prayer and some of the symbols they might see in churches and the community.

Monday 9th November

Fireworks are a huge part of many festivals and we've seen them at Bonfire parties and during the Diwali festival. We listened to some fabulous music and used scarves to create the flowing lines of fireworks.

 We've started this term of Festivals and Celebrations with a sparkle!

Sparklers!!! 6th November

Friday 23rd October

WOW, what a celebration of all our learning since September. You made us feel so special by coming and sharing in our celebration worship. We've worked really hard to create our Memory Boxes. Now all we need to do is have fun filling them with all our adventures.


Thank you parents for all your support, coming and sharing our work, completing some amazing homework and helping your children find out about their families. Mrs Mindham

Thursday 22nd October - African mask making and dance workshop

Maths - using ICT to learn about symmetry

Money, Money, Money.... is so tricky!!

Working with tangrams to make shape pictures

Willow Memory homework

Ella's interview

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Making Sandwiches
Willow class had a very important job making all of the sandwiches ready for the picnic. Look at the concentration as they spread the butter, add the fillings and cut them up. Yum! Yum!

A crime has been committed!! July 2015

Willow Class at St Peter's Church Sunday 12 July 2015

International Mud Day 29 June 2015: Look at the fun we had!

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