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WC 1.2.21

What are the different ways that you learn and play?

Think about books, computers, watch TV programmes, from other people, ipads etc...


Discuss spending too much time learning in 1 way can become boring. Eg, watching too much TV or too much time on the ipad isn't good for us.


How long should we spend on the computer? ipads? Watching TV?


Draw a poster explaining the way that you enjoy learning. Explain that too much of one thing isn't fun.

WC 25.1.21

Think about the different things help your body to be healthy, including food and drink, physical activity, sleep and rest.


Have a go at a few 'Jump Start Jonny videos'- how do they make you feel after?


Can you make a poster explaining how we can be healthy? What foods keep us healthy? How much sleep do we need each night?



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