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21.10.20 Emily Harper has continued to practice her sorting using beads, she sorted them into different colours. Brilliant work Emily-Harper, I love these beads!

20.10.20 Joey has been busy at home finding objects which begin with the s sound, solving the Sammy the Squirrel maths problem and finding out how many jumps he can do in 30 seconds. Joey managed 27 jumps, can you beat him? Well done Joey!

19.10.20 Ronnie has been looking around his house to find different objects beginning with 't'. Super work Ronnie!

19.10.20 Georgia has been exploring the different autumnal coloured and sized leaves during her Autumn walk and then sorting them to create a lovely tree too. Brilliant work Georgia!

19.10.20 - Henry has been finding out the answer to Sammy the Squirrel's mathematical problem using conkers to find the answer. Great work Henry!

16.10.20 Margo has been busy again, collecting leaves and sorting them into piles of different sizes and colours. She also drew a picture of everyone in her family who is important to her, including her dog Colin!

13.10.20 Margo has been looking for objects around her house too beginning with 'S' 'a' 't' and 'p' and writing a list to show everything she found. Marvellous Margo!

13.10.20 Emily-Harper has been working so hard this week, she has been looking for objects which begin with a 'S' sound and drawing a picture of her family too! Excellent work Emily-Harper!

12.10.20 Emily-Harper has been on an Autumn walk , she enjoyed looking at the leaves falling from the trees and seeing how the leaves had changed colours too. She collected conkers on her walk and used these to solve the Sammy the Squirrel maths challenge. Super work Emily-Harper!

09.10.20 Jenny has been looking for objects around her house beginning with a 'p' letter sound, well done Jenny!

05.10.2020 Ronnie used acorns to help solve Sammy the squirrel's maths problem. Well done Ronnie, great work!

05.10.2020 Georgia has been completing her maths challenge using buttons to support her find the answer. She also had a look around her house to find 10 things beginning with S. Superstar Georgia!

05.10.2020 Henry went on his autumn walk with his brother, they enjoyed a muddy walk at Calke Abbey and collected lots of conkers too! Brilliant George.

05.10.20 Margo has been looking at changing colours, jumping in puddles and rustling leaves on her autumn walk! She used the conkers she had collected to complete her Sammy the squirrel maths problem too. Excellent home learning Margo!

29.09.20 Stanley has been solving our maths problem too! Great work Stanley.

28.09.20 Jenny has been solving the maths problem set in this terms homework, well done Jenny!

25.09.20 Georgia has been drawing her favourite nursery rhyme character, Little Bo Peep. Super detailed drawing Georgia !

21.09.20 - Stanley has been enjoying an Autumn walk around Shining Cliff Wood , collecting things and sorting them into different groups, great work Stanley!

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