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28.11.2022 - Cadley Tree planting - click the link below to see how we got so muddy. We nearly planted children as they were so stuck in the mud!!

4.11.2022 - look at our recreation of Stonehenge, it took lots of teamwork and rebuilding

1.11.2022 - today we discovered how fossils were formed, there are so many steps. Can your child talk you through the process?

21.10.2022 Stone Age life would have been a little like this. We were soaked and used the mud and grass to make wattle and daub shelters.

21.11.2022 ROCKS, igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic. Today we did some experiments with different rocks. Some things amazed us.

19.11.2022 RE , Christianity, Islam and Humanists beliefs. We sorted some of the facts and and discussed what they mean to the different faiths. It was really interesting to compare the beliefs. Then we had quiet time with the candle.

18.10.2022 - Cave Paintings. Oak Class used charcoal, soft pencils and pastels to recreate images of life during the Stone Age, in the style of the cave art that they have been looking at.

5.10.2022 Mrs Glynn brought her prayer artifacts from home. They included rosary beads, candles, crosses, prayer books, crucifixes and statues.

4.10.2022 Digital devices, today we used a digital art package and thought about what was best digital or real paints.

2.10.2022 Today we thought about how we look when we pray and where we put our hands. It helped us to think about being calm and still.

23.9.2022 DH made a cuppa for the birthday girl - delicious

26.9.22 - Hunter / Gatherers - What did the Stone Age children manage to hunt or gather today to eat?

21.9.2022 - STONE AGE EXPLORERS - the children had to discover the cave art left behind. what did they find?

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