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Welcome to Pine Class!

12.7.2018 - Derby Cathedral Leavers Day - celebrating where we've been and where we are going.

Leavers Day at Derby Cathedral

4.7.18 Bikeability

26.6.2018 - Rollercoaster designers... buckle up!

26.6.2018 Project Read Uttoexeter Race Course, author Bali Rai

25.6.2018 Angles, quadrilaterals, triangles - what can we find out?

22.6.2018 Angles on a line and in a triangle. What's the link?

13.6.18 - Outdoor angles on a line

8.6.18 - Year 6 Zorbing (videos on VRC)

6.6.18 - finding synonyms

Pine class had a surprise visitor

20.3.18 Pine Girls Football Competiton

The Big Bang Fair 16 Mar

Exploreres plotted new co-ordinates onto the map and discovered Tors. They then used the periodic table to work out where the precious metals were!

25.1.2018 Reversible or Irreversible? How would you have grouped them? What did we think about the candle?

25.1.2018 Addition of fractions using the bar method

24.1.2018 Talk for Writing, not a sound was heard.

9.1.2018 - improper fractions - the practical approach.

The explorers of Alchemly Island ..... what have they discovered?

31st October 2017 - The story of Rama and Sita through movement!

Pine Class - Ultimate treat 20th October 2017

26th September 2017 - 'Day of the Dead' mask making!

22nd September 2017 - Basketball with Steady!

8th September 2017 - Anti-bullying workshop!

7th September 2017 - A fantastic start to the year, lots of teamwork!

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