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Welcome to brilliant Beech class.

Come and see how we learn! 


5.7.19 Visiting our school library and sharing our stories.

05.07.19 Goodbye painted lady butterflies ! Today, after watching our caterpillers go through part of their life cycle and transforming into beautiful butterflies, we finally said goodbye to Peter, George, Andrew and Flower Heart the butterflies and snt them on the last stage of their journey.

20.06.19 - Beautiful butterflies! The children have been exploring painting using watercolours today to create some wonderful butterflies.

20.06.19 - Our new snack station is very popular with the children, they are enjoying being more independent when selecting their snacks, disposing of their own empty milk cartons and fruit peel and helping to clean up after themselves too!

14.06.19 Well done to our first winner of our new class award 'Superhero sentence writer!'

14.06.19 Beech class have been learning The Very Hungry Caterpiller in their Talk for Writing this week, they worked together to create their own big story maps.

05.06.19 Today we had a surprise golf lesson from a Golf coach from Swadlincote Golf Course, we loved it!

04.06.19 - Minibeast Safari. We explored the nature area to see if we could find where the minibeasts lived...

17.05.19 Beech class have been learning about pollinating bees and how they collect pollen to help more flowers grow. We made finger puppet bees and transferred pollen from flowers with to those who needed it to grow seeds.

13.05.19 Beech class have been helping to protect our pollinators by planting a wildflower, bee friendly garden. Photos on Forest School page. smiley

10.05.19 Bee and honeycomb art, exploring printing and painting.

09..05.19 Practsing using our phonics in writing simple words.

29.04.19 The Bee Farmer visited our school to begin our Bee project. We found out about different types of bees, honeycomb and even got to taste some honey too!

10.04.19 - Visit the VRC button for videos of our PE sports sessions with the Sports Coach. 

10.04.19 Beech class collective worship.

09.04.19 Celebrating the wonderful world of traditional tales ! Can you guess who we are?

29.03.19 Planting beans.

22.03.19 This week we have been learning all about instructions. Luigi the chef came to visit on Tuesday and needed our help to make Jam Sandwiches for Billy the reading bears birthday. We had great fun following our text map instructions, making jam sandwiches and then eating them with Billy bear!

19th March 2019- Have you clicked on the VRC button on the home page? Find Beech class and view the videos of the fun we have! 

14th March - More bikeability fun outdoors!

07.03.19 - Bikeability - Using balance bikes to help develop our balance, agility and co-ordination.

2nd March 2019- Using our flipper-flappers to count ! We counted to 20 in ones, then counted in tens all the way to 100!

28.02.19 - This week in Beech class we've been dressing up as characters from stories, using our bodies to help us learn and working with our Maths buddies to develop our maths skills.

01.02.19 Celebrating NSPCC Number Day by exploring number, shape, space and measure in lots of different ways.

31.01.19 Discovering constellations and creating our own using fabulously, imaginative ideas such as a Dinosaur, Banger Car and the letter K!

29.01.19 Learning to subtract - taking away 1 from 10 to 1 -how many are left?

28.01.19 Welcome to our Space Station.

18.01.19 - Slumber party day! - Beech class were invited to come to school in their pyjamas/onesies for a memorable experience to help us with our topic 'What happens when I fall asleep?'. We had fun exploring the dark den using torches, shared stories and then played some party games to end our fun day.

Boom shake the alphabet

In class we have been learning the alphabet as well as our letter sounds in phonics. Here is a fun song that will teach your child the letter names and sounds.

10.01.19 PE in Beech class with our Sports Coach Chris.

18.12.18 Following instructions to make fruity Santa kebabs!

The Wheels on the Bus - Nursery Rhymes and Songs - School Radio - BBC Learning

Visit, a collection of video and audio bringing together traditional nursery rhymes and songs, counting songs and action songs. The songs and rhymes are an ideal Early Learning resource.

6.12.18 Where does orange juice come from ? How do we get juice out of an orange?

17.10.18 - Have you clicked on the VCR button yet on the home page ? Look for Beech class in the drop down menu and see the fun we've been having...

2nd October - We're going on a bear hunt...


Beech class discovered some footprints in their classroom, who could have made them? A monster? A t-rex? An Easter Bear? We went on a hunt to find out... 

...through the long, wavy grass,  the thick oozy mud, the deep, cold river, the dark forest, swirling, whirling snowstorm ... until we saw 2 googly eyes and hurried back and hid! We thought it was safe to come out ...although we still kept a look out and some children thought they saw a bear sleeping in our Forest School area! laugh

19th Sept - Exploring sounds using instruments

6th Sept - Our first day

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