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WC 18.1.21


What is a carnivore? What does it eat? Can you name any animals that are carnivores? Discuss what types of teeth carnivorous animals need (sharp teeth to rip through meat). Try eating meat at home, what teeth do you use? Look at your self eating with a mirror. 


Below I have attached a Power point for you to look at the different types of animals and so you can look at the teeth. Try and guess what the animals are by the skull.

WC 11.1.21

What is a herbivore?


Discuss what a herbivore is. What animals are herbivores? What do they eat?

Do you have any foods in your house that a herbivore would eat? Try eating a carrot and, using a mirror, look at what teeth you use. 


Using Power point below look at the teeth of herbivores and guess the different animals.

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