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EEF 7 Top Tips to support reading at home

Spelling Zappers - Every morning the children practice their spellings with each other before being 'zapped!' by the teacher when they can successfully spell the words independently. The children learn the words through practice. If you would like to find out more about the words your child is learning in class see the following information. Once the children have completed their year group spellings and apply these consistently in their writing they then practice the next set of spellings.

With a big focus on writing and Maths this year for Year 2s, a list of expected targets for the children to work to achieve in preparation for the SATs in May will be sent home this week.

To help you understand what the SATs papers will look like, please see below links to last year's 2022 papers:


Maths paper 1 and 2 with script-


English paper 1 with script and paper 2-


Reading paper 1 and 2 with script-


11.10.22 This week the children have been working hard to complete their rainbow challenges, including creating a Mosque using construction and finding the total scored using 2 or 3 darts!

30.9.2022 Today, instead of our normal Maths lesson, we had a Maths carousel to practice all our learning from the term so far. We had a station where we could practice counting forward and back to 10 or to 20, we had another station where we could practice separating numbers into tens and ones. Everyone enjoyed revising and working together.

28.09.22 After our RE lesson today some children were inspired to build their own mosque, working together to share their design ideas, super work Willow!

23.09.22 Today we were visited by Toby's Granddad to talk to us about his old toy train. We had a chance to hold the train and ask Toby's Granddad questions about what toys were like when he was the same age. We learnt that toys were made from wood or tin and that children didn't have as many toys when he was our age. We're looking forward to being COOL (Continuing On with Our Learning) next week, Toby's Granddad has kindly left his toy train with us until Friday.

22.09.22 You can view our learning in Forest School this week by clicking on the link below...

This week in Willow class Miss Bashir spent some time with the children to help them find out more about the Muslim faith, they thought of lots of brilliant questions, you can find the pictures on the Religious Education page, click the link below. 

15.09.22 Today we were inspired by the work of the artist Molly Hasland who creates artwork using a compass and her whole body. We explored using our bodies and emotions to make circles and spirals using different media and materials

13.09.2022 This afternoon, we had our first computing lesson. We learnt what algorithm means and followed a set of instructions to create a crazy character. When we finished following the instructions (algorithm), we noticed that everyone had drawn something different. We quickly realised that when we create instructions they need to be clear.

07.09.22 Today we welcomed our new Year 1's to Willow class and were so impressed with how they made new friendships, explored the classroom and began their journey in KS1 with our great Year 2 children! The children learnt how to "Be COOL" - "Continue On Our Learning" through the continuous provision indoors and outdoors.

We've had 7 3 9 6 5 visitors