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Ways to practise your spellings 14.5.20

Below are a few great way to practise spellings at home.

Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words- 13.5.20

By the end of the year your child should be able to spell and read all of these words correctly. I will add some fun ways to practice the spellings.

Your new version of 'The Smartest Giant in Town'

Now it is your turn to write your own story, using the story you already know follow the instructions below. I will also write my own and upload it once it is finished!


- First, draw a new story map but change the character,clothes, setting or all 3. Let your child decide; it is their story.

- Give your child time to practise it at home using actions. make sure they know it off by heart.

- Finally, write the story. In school this process would take around a week so don't feel you have to do it in a day :) 


I cant wait to hear your stories!

The Smartest Giant in Town

Hello Willow Class! Lots of you have asked for another story map so.... 

I have been super busy today writing a new text for your to learn. I have even drawn you a story map to go with it!!! 

If you want to listen to the story first- please follow the link below...

I would suggest learning the text over the next few days- reading the book, drawing the story map and making up actions for the text. I have made it as simple as possible!! Once you feel your child knows the text off by heart, get them to write the story on their own. Don't forget you capital letters, full stops and finger spaces!

If you want to send me a video, I would love to see your retelling of the text :)


Reading with David Walliams- 9.4.20


Free story every day at 11am. His previous book readings are also on there for you to listen to..


Tamworth Castle

Last week I asked you to redraw and write out the story map of Twycross farm... now it is your turn to write your own recount from when we went to Tamworth Castle.


I would suggest drawing the story map for Tamworth castle first to help them remember.

Order of the day

We travelled by coach. 

Walk to the castle

Tour of the castle

Squire work shop- learnt about the role of a squire and learnt how to be a knight


Servant and Lady workshop.

Back into the hall to collect coats and bags

Back on the coach


eg, Tamworth Castle

A few weeks ago, Willow Class went by coach to Tamworth castle and we were very nervous because it was our first school trip.......etc


Twycross Farm Story map

We've had 8 7 9 6 8 visitors