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WC 18.1.21


Which place of worship is scared to Christians?


Discuss the difference between a mosque and a church. What does sacred mean? Why are they sacred to believers? (recap from last week)

Watch : 

What is a font used for?



What is an organ and a pulpit? Why are they used in Church?



What do Christians eat and drink in Church? why? What is often on stained glass windows in Church? - can you make a stained glass window or draw one?


Task: Match words and pictures (see document below)


Question: Is a church still important to people who are not Christians? Explain why.

WC 11.1.21


Where do I feel safe? Where is a sacred place for believers to go?


Ask your child about where they feel safe. What makes these places safe places?

Task: Draw a picture of the place that is special to them and colour/paint it. Write a sentence about what they have drawn and why it is special to them.

Show Power point below and discuss:

‘Why are these places sacred or holy for believers?’ (Muslims and Christians)

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