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WC 8.2.21


Can you make a Mosque or Church using the empty boxes, bottles and containers that you have at home?


WC 1.2.21

Comparing Christianity to Islam.


Can you sort the images into the correct box? 

(See below)

WC 1.2.21


How are places of worship similar and different?


What can you remember about the Christian faith and the Islam faith? Think about what is the same and what is different? Write sentences and draw your answers.



Who do they believe in?

How do they pray?

What does their place of worship look like?


WC 25.1.21

Which place of worship is sacred to Muslims?

Look at images below... Do you know who these places of worship are sacred to?


What might it be like inside these places? How might it feel? What would you expect to see?


Watch the following videos....

Write or draw pictures about what you have learnt about the mosque then answer the following question:

Why do you think the mosque is so important to Muslims?

WC 18.1.21


Which place of worship is scared to Christians?


Discuss the difference between a mosque and a church. What does sacred mean? Why are they sacred to believers? (recap from last week)

Watch : 

What is a font used for?



What is an organ and a pulpit? Why are they used in Church?



What do Christians eat and drink in Church? why? What is often on stained glass windows in Church? - can you make a stained glass window or draw one?


Task: Match words and pictures (see document below)


Question: Is a church still important to people who are not Christians? Explain why.

WC 11.1.21


Where do I feel safe? Where is a sacred place for believers to go?


Ask your child about where they feel safe. What makes these places safe places?

Task: Draw a picture of the place that is special to them and colour/paint it. Write a sentence about what they have drawn and why it is special to them.

Show Power point below and discuss:

‘Why are these places sacred or holy for believers?’ (Muslims and Christians)

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