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16th July 2020 Gone fishing...

27.5.2020 Leaf owls

How to whittle - woodland crafts for kids | Nature Detectives

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Spring flowers identification for kids

6th May 2020 VE day style Forest School -We are all so "tyred" after today creating a lovely seating area, building "bunkers" and cooking Jackie's special apple crimble crumble!

Forest school fun: 22nd April 2020: natural rainbows :)

2nd April 2020 Forest Schools home learning ideas for all ages to try, you can find more at Don't forget to email in your pictures to your class to share with us how you are getting on!

2nd April 2020 - More outdoor ideas here!

16th March 2020- We have been exploring the nature area today after what seems like months of not being able to use it because of flooding. The ground is beginning to become a little less muddy and looked beautiful with all the daffodils too!

02.03.2020 So much fun exploring the mud on muddy Monday !

10.02.20 Feeding the birds - Willow class helped to make bird feeders to encourage birds to feed in our playground.

25.11.19 Some children have been working hard to earn their Junior Forester Award and this term we have been looking closely at identifying trees by name by looking closely at their autumnal leaves. We made leaf rubbings and labelled them using tree identification sheets.

16.10.19 Forest School Cookery Club - Pizza pockets!

18.09.19 Oak class - taking care of a caterpillar by building him a new home !

13.05.19 - After the disappointment at finding our Forest School area vandalised we have had some wonderful donations by members of the wider community including an anonymous cash donation, some gardening tools, seeds and a shiny new wheelbarrow. (Whoever you are thank you x a million!)We used the cash donation to buy some bee friendly plants for our new wildflower garden area, which we hope will flourish to help the perfect pollinators thrive. The children helped to plant sunflower seeds and plants.

27.03.19 Planting trees; We have been very fortunate to recieve free trees from Carbon Footprint Ltd. to help sustain our Forest School area, helping us to learn about caring for our environment, types of trees and how to plant and care for them.

Sesame Street: Outdoors with Elmo and Jason Mraz with Lyrics | Elmo's Sing-Along Series

As the weather gets warmer, Elmo and his friends can't wait to play outdoors! Follow along to the lyrics on the screen as Jason Mraz, Elmo, and more of your favorite Sesame Street friends sing about all the fun things they love about the outdoors!

13.3. 2019 Storm Gareth forces Forest School inside .... great fun!!

04.02.19 - Muddy puddles and mud slinging!

6.12.18 Pirates, tyre hide and seek and muddy fun!

14.11.18 - Remebrance Poppy craft

17.10.18 - Oak class - Building a waffle to create a fire.

8.10.18 - Beech and Willow class -Leaf crowns

3.10.18 - Oak class -creating a spark using firelighters.

17.09.18 Friendships in the forest

13.9.18 Staff Twilight - Firelighting

Summer 2- Minibeast hunt

30.04.18 - Lucy the Ladybird's theme park... Beech and Willow class worked together to create a theme park using natural resources.

22.01.18 - Willow and Beech class worked together to create their own bird hides.

22.01.18- Beech class exploring weight, finding objects using the alphabet letter sounds and discovering what makes a muddy puddle muddier!

08.01.18 Beech class exploring ice and warming up with hot chocolate!

13.11.17 - Conker rolling, web building, team work and keeping warm!

6.11.17 - Large scale construction using natural materials and discovering why we Remember through painting poppies.

10.10.17 - Oak class creating theme parks using natural materials for Anthony the ant's birthday party !

09.10.17 - Beech class creating leaf crowns for the King or Queen of the forest.

25.9.2017 Willow class den building.


Making a den for a fairy, and animal or for themselves.

19.09.17 Oak class helping to identify a suitable second site for Forest School to help protect the spring flowers and using loppers to coppice dead branches from a range of trees.

18.09.17 We're going on a slug hunt and experiencing Muddy Monday for the first time for Beech class.

10.07.17 Elder necklaces and bracelets

19.06.17   Making Boats and Using a Bow -Saw.

In the warm weather today we enjoyed the shade from the trees and heard chapter 2 in the story from the Forest Club gang, they had left us a puddle boat to explore , so we tested it to see if it would sink or float. We then looked for our own natural and man-made resources to make our own boats, and of course we tested them too! 

Beech class have been learning about safety using tools , they learnt how to use a bow saw to cut small discs and were very sensible , listening carefully to all the instructions. Well done! 

23.05.17 Pine Class - Climbing trees, making tree houses, negotiating and problem solving!

23.05.17 - Pine class Forest School session- Making Forest Trolls

Muddy Monday - 22.05.17 - Beech and Willow

Muddy Monday Beech and Willow class - Twig Towers - Who can build the highest tower? 15th May 2017

06.04.17- Family Forest School Day 


Thanks to the free trees for schools offer from the Woodland Trust the whole school and community were invited to help plant new trees and hedgerows, cut back large areas of bramble  and help to dig over large areas of neglected and overgrown land within our Forest School and school fields area. 

We were delighted to have so many people join us who were willing to tackle the growth and help as much as they could.  The children all enjoyed being outdoors all day and helping out, learning lots of new skills from the adults and being very physical too. 

Thank you to all who came and offered support, we all appreciate the hard work you did as it has made a huge difference to the area available for the children to learn in through their outdoor learning and Forest School sessions. smiley Mrs Ganley x 


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