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At Hartshorne C of E Primary School we believe that we all have a role to play in ensuring that children are kept safe whilst using technology. Online safety is not just about keeping safe on the Internet but also covers the use of computers, tablets (iPad/Nexus 7), games consoles (X-Box/PS4) as well as mobile phones and televisions.

We cover several elements of Online Safety through the curriculum at Hartshorne C of E Primary School- see the cyber safety paragraph on the Keeping Your Child Safe page of our website.

Below you will find a range of useful resources and links to advice which can help you to keep your child safe in the digital world.

Checklist for Parents and Carers

This checklist highlights the steps you should take in order to manage any child who uses digital technology in its various forms. The list is by no means definitive but is meant to serve as a starting point for a conversation with your child.

  • Don’t be afraid to set boundaries for your family in the digital world as you would do in the real world
  • Get comfortable with the technologies your son or daughter enjoys – challenge them to a game on the Xbox or PlayStation or learn how to communicate with loved ones via email or social networking sites such as Facebook
  • Converse with your child to understand what they post and share online and help them understand that once something has been submitted, it can be seen by anyone and is available on the web forever even if the photo/video/comments are taken down/deleted.
  • Learn some tips from your friends and family how they support their child using technology – you might be surprised by their experiences
  • Social networking websites, games consoles and search engines all have Parental Controls/Tools that can assist you in locking down features of the technology to make it more child friendly.
  • Ensure that you have conversations about all the incredible benefits that technology can bring but don’t shy away from difficult subjects like responsible online behaviour, bullying and pornography
  • Expensive technology can make your child a target of criminals so remind them to keep any device well hidden to minimise the risk of theft
  • Remember that services such as Facebook and YouTube require the individual to be at least 13 years of age

Useful Resources

Comprehensive advice is available from the UK's leading child protection websites. Each has an array of safety tips, videos and useful information


Safety Advice

Technology need not be something you fear. For parents there are Parental Control/Tools that can be used to limit features of games consoles and mobile phones so that the risks of the technology being misused are reduced.

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