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The Storm Unicorn

This week, unicorn tracks appeared in our classroom so we have decided to learn about it!!! It was very exciting!!!




True or false.....

-ful and -less

Have a go at adding the -less and -ful suffixes to the words.... ENJOY!

WC- 8.2.21


Have a go at writing the text up ... just like the children in school! I have added photos below to help you... enjoy!


 I have attached pictures of the tracks so you can see what happened. Below is the story map and the text so you can learn about the Storm Unicorn at home. ENJOY!

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

For the next few weeks we are going to be focusing on the story 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. I will be adding tasks and activities that you can complete with your child at home.



'The Circus' 

Have a go at writing your own story!

Underneath I have added a power point with lots of different pictures. This about changing 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' to something else.


It could be....

The elephant that came to eat

The giraffe who came to sleep

The rhino who came to rule

The lion who came to dance

Think of your own!


 Draw a story map and then write your story.

This will take more than one day though.... don't rush it :)



-er and -est suffix.

Remember if it ends in 'y', it is 'ier' and 'iest'

If it ends in e, cross off the e and add 'er' or 'est'

21.1.21- Innovation

Once you have drawn the new story map of 'The Monkey who came to Play' (or your own) have a go at writing the text. I have added a picture below to help you. 



In school, we have had a go at changing the story. Now, learn our new story map or try making one together. We have changed the tiger to a monkey, mummy to father and Sophie to Ralph. The monkey now breaks all the toys in the bedroom rather than eating all the food.

I have attached the story map with postit notes below and a newly drawn story map.


Now learn the story map to the end. Have a go at drawing it then write it. Focus on spelling the words below correctly. Make sure you know the story map off by heart- ready for next week!



Today, learn the next part of the story map (build up and problem- up to 'and he went') off by heart. Use actions and the story map below to help you. Once you have learnt it. Have a go at adding this part to your story map.



Today, we are focusing on writing the beginning part of the text. Focusing on spelling lots of the Tricky words you have to know in Yr1 and Y2. We are also focusing on starting every letter on the line and making sure that our tall letters are tall and our short letters are short. 


Y1 words:

to, the, go, said, was, they, he, she, be, so, there, some, one, once

Y2 words:

(all of the above) door, because.



Now you have learnt the beginning part of the story, practise it again and again.... until you know it off by heart.


Task: Have a go at drawing the beginning of the story map just like I have below. I have attached a story map template like mine if you want to print it. If not, just use any paper you can find.



Task: Below is a picture of the story map and a document with the text on. Your task is to learn the beginning part of the story- up to 'Sophie's Mummy invited the Tiger in.' 

Make up your own actions- you should be able to retell the story on your own with the story map but without the text.



When we entered the classroom, the children found tiger paw prints on the classroom floor! 


I wonder who has been in our classroom! 

On the table, there were cakes, biscuits, milk, orange juice and buns. 


Today we have read the story- The Tiger who came to tea and discussed any words that we did not understand. We have learnt what a grocer, milkman, bun, dish and cafe is. 


Task: Can you read or watch the Story 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'? What words don't you understand? Can you find out the meaning of the words?

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