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Come and see how we learn and play.  

24th June 2022 This week our Derby University first year students Mrs McCaul Fletcher and Miss Martin have been developing their teaching practice helping to provide learning experiences for the children, they supported the children to find out more about the importance of holding hands when crossing the road as part of Road Safety Week and in art they have been looking at pattern and the work of Esther Mahlangu, a South African artist whose work on a large scale showcases her Ndebele heritage.

16th June - This week Beech class have been exploring painting on different surfaces, using their large gross motor movements and fine motor skills to create works of art.

9th June 2022 - The children became explorers today, exploring our school so we could create a map for Karma Chameleon to follow.

8th June 2022 - Our Christian Value this half term is responsibility. The children talked about what this meant, heard the story of The Prodigal Son and helped to create the word Responsibility for our display.

26th May 2022 - Celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee in Beech class - The children worked hard on to practice and improve their scissor skills to create a new design for a collage stamp together, explored the union jack flag and created printed artwork too.

13th May 2022 - Let it go!

13th May 2022 - The children have loved exploring movement using our gymnastics tables and planks, showing how courageous and confident they are at balancing and jumping from a height!

12th May 2022 - Beech class have been finding out about the jobs the Queen does, including giving out special awards. The children made their own medals linked to our schools Christian Values and explained who they would present their medal to and why.

In Forest School this term we have been planting our seedlings into bigger pots to help them grow and soon we will be planting them into our growing area. We have also been searching for minibeasts and identifying them. You can see our photos on the Forest School section of the website. 

28th April 2022 - This week Beech class have welcomed two University of Derby students, Miss Martin and Mrs McCaul Fletcher. They have settled into the class very well, supporting the class teacher and children with their learning. They will be back for several more weeks during this term and next term and we look forward to helping them develop their teaching practice. 

19.04.22 Mrs Ganley took our caterpillars home over the Easter holidays to look after them and all 5 caterpillars have successfully completed their transformation into stunning painted lady butterflies! They have now been released into the wild to continue on their life journey...

28.03.22 Using our core muscles and building on our co-ordination in PE this week using balloons.

25.03.22 All aboard the cardboard box train!

25.03.22 This afternoon we discovered how we could make paint using crushed chalk...

23.03.22 Today we acted out the life cycle of a caterpillar...

21.03.22 In our maths this week we have been using vocabulary to describe length including shorter and longer. We made the shortest worms we could and then the longest worms we could and compared them. Through our play we also explored whose car travelled the furthest down a ramp and talked about how we could find our which one went the longest distance.

19.03.22 Nursery have been discovering the story Toddle Waddle, they drew pictures of the different characters and helped to make a new book. Fabulous work Nursery!

18.03.22 Wonder Art - We have been exploring different ways of using flower petals in our artwork, this week we used the pestle and mortar to create petal playdough to help nurture the children's imagination and curiosity in the processes used to change textures.

18.03.22 Our Nursery children have loved the sunshine this week!

17.03.22 British Science Week 2022 - Today we explored our nature area in Forest School looking for unusual places plants might grow. Then we explored different seeds, guessing what they might grow into before choosing a seed to plant and care for. (You can see more photo's of our Forest School adventures on the Forest School page).

16.03.22 This week in our maths learning in Reception we have been finding out different ways of making 10. We played a game to see how many ways we could find by shaking a pot of counters, then showed how we could record these calculations in number sentences.

09.03.22 This week the children have been working together to create story maps for Farmer Duck in our Talk For Writing lesson, they followed the adult model and could retell the story too! You could ask your reception child if they can retell the story to you at home.

08.03.22 This term we are looking closely at how plants grow and change during the new season of Spring. Today we planted seeds which we hope will grow into Sweet Pea Flowers.

04.03.22 Wonder Art - this term we are using exploration of flowers to create different artistic effects. Today we deconstructed flowers, used water colours to create a background and then used pestle and mortar to grind and crush the petals to discover the effects we could create.

03.03.22 World Book Day - Beech class had lots of fun with our visiting poet today, they heard lots of fun poems and joined in with actions too.

11.02.22 Exploring deep space through colour mixing paint and shaving foam.

05.02.22 Jackson Pollock style drip painting exploration.

02.02.22 Today we imagined we were God the creator and made animals from clay.

21.01.22 Our Sounds Write phonics lessons are helping the reception children make so much progress in their writing! The children are working so hard at hearing and writing sounds in words and sentences too. Keep up the excellent work Reception.

18.01.22 Today we have been using our brand new balance bikes and learning the first essential skills such as how to pick up and mount the bikes correctly and then 'walk the ride' ! We will be using the balance bikes every Tuesday afternoon and can't wait to learn how to glide too!

17.01.22 Bathing babies and exploring galaxy slime!

14.01.22 - Creativity in Beech class...

14.01.22 This week Beech class discovered how lullabies can help babies sleep at night. We listened to different lullabies, then created a musical accompaniment to Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star.

15.12.21 Christingle- The children discovered how Christians celebrate Christingle during Advent and created their own Christingles. They found out about what each part represents.

10.12.21 Reception children have been working hard to say the sounds and build words in our Sounds-Write phonics lessons. Today they had a go at writing dictated sentences using the sounds from our first unit. Great work everyone!

01.12.21 Beech class have been finding out about the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah, they heard the story of the Maccabees and the oil lamp, and then created their own Menorah cards too.

19.11.21 Beech class took their maths outdoors in Forest School today and searched to find different representations of the numbers 3,4 and 5.

12.11.21 The children in Beech class love being outdoors in all weathers!

5.11.21 Happy Diwali! Beech class decorated the playground this afternoon with lots of colourful chalk Rangoli patterns.

04.11.21 Check out what we have been up to today in Forest School on our Forest School page! smiley

04.11.21 This week in our Maths we have been making comparisons in different contexts focussing on numbers to 3. We helped Goldilocks 3 bears to sort out their picnic so they each had the correct sized objects too!

15th October 2021 - Today we explored the famous artist Wassily Kandinsky, looking carefully at his painting 'Concentric Circles'. The children then used their colour mixing skills, adding white to the primary colours to create their own abstract artwork.

14.10.21 This month as part of Black History Month, Beech class have been finding out about Floella Benjamin who came from Trinidad to England in 1960 and considers herself as part of the Windrush generation. Today the children found out how Floella has dedicated her life to making a difference to children's lives including watching her as a child's tv presenter on PlaySchool.

08.10.21 Beech children explored our Christian Value of friendship by creating their own colour mixing artwork. We now have their fabulous artwork hanging in our classroom gallery!

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04.10.21 Beech class have been working on their fundamental physical skills of balancing, stretching and using different parts of their body today.

01.10.21 We have been exploring colour mixing using red, yellow and blue to help create the colours of the rainbow. We have then been using this skill to explore the colours we can create independently and talk about what we have discovered.

23rd September 2021 - The children had a great time exploring our nature area during Forest School today. You can find the pictures on our Forest School page, see the link above. 

21.09.21 Beech class have been exploring movement this afternoon using scooters, balance bikes, body boards and bouncy hoppers. We also played some parachute games which the children loved! Did you know that children aged around 3-4 years old should be active EVERY day for at least 3 hours, during which time they should be vigorously active for at least an hour? Children this age shouldn't be inactive for long periods of time, unless they are asleep! Try to help to build up their stamina for physical exercise by trying some new activities together, like swimming, cycling or even Joe Wicks!

17.09.21 This week Beech class have been taking care of herbs, making friends, creating and climbing and having lots of fun too!

13th September 2021 - Today Reception have been drawing themselves, I wonder if you can tell who is who?

8th September 2021 - Welcome to our new Reception children who joined us for the first time today! It was lovely to see so many smiley faces enjoying their first day, making new friends and getting to know where things are. We all had lots of fun!

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