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10.6.2022 - No Mow May - we played hide and seek in the long grass. Now you see us now you don't!!

9.6.2022 Orienteering - I was so much fun to be introduced to this fabulous skill. We can't wait to go out again.

6.5.2022 - Hive painting ready for the bees to move in - so exciting

11.4.2022 - The Hive Game. Dave taught us all about how bees collect pollen and about the different jobs within the hive.

25.3.2022 We've planted our first earlies in our recycled beds....just waiting

Finally we got to make our tartlets after costing it out and extensive market research

we made our own butter - it made our arms ache

STEM week was all about GROWTH - first we recapped the digestive system

11.3.2022 - Dave has returned and Oak have been building the new hive ready for the bees. It was very fiddly and the nails were tiny.

9.3.2022 - Oak have loved their computing sessions and are learning to code using Scratch - have a go using the link

SOUND all around us - we have made pan pipes and string telephones so help us learn about pitch and how sound travels

World Book Day - Attie Lime came and inspired us all to be poets.

18.2.2022 Brilliant Bees - Dave visited us today and taught us all about the bees in Britain. Watch out for updates on our bee adventures

18.2.2022 Our work on the class mural has out for the finished piece.

20.1.2022 - Robotics - we had so much fun and ended with Robot Wars

18.1.2022 SSHHHHHHHHH - don't make a sound on our sound walk. We began to find out how sounds are made

8.12.2021 vWonderful Water, solids to liquid to gas to liquid....what vocabulary can you recall?

8.12.2021 Science knowledge being used to make our festive truffles...

4.12.2021 changing solids to liquids by heating - photographer William

3.12.2021 Moses went to see the Pharaoh many times before the slaves were freed.....great acting!!

Solids, liquids or gases? Ask your child about what they've found out today.

19.11.2021 Being outdoors is soo much fun

15.11.21 Fronted adverbials activity, how one sentence can be written many ways.

15.10.21 Outdoor learning, we took our science outdoors today and did a properties search.

13.10.21 We travelled back to 1901, back to Picasso's blue period, to be artists.

1.10.2021 - Pentecost, the story about how the Holy Spirit was a gift

17.9.21 Colour mixing with natural things - outdoor learning and art combined

Head over to the VRC pages to watch our performance poetry!!

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