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Welcome to Willow Class :)


Mrs Orme, Mrs Copestake, Mrs Lakin and Mrs Milward are looking forward to the following year and hope that we can enjoy a happy and productive school year.


This half term, our topic is Festivals with a primary focus of linking Advent in Germany to Advent in England. We will be looking at the differences and the similarities.


Muddy Monday will take place every Monday, children are asked to come to school in their normal school uniform and will then change ready for outdoor learning in the afternoon.


* Reading morning will be every Tuesday*



Willow Spellings for sponsored spell

Christmas in Willow Class


3.12.18- Today, Elvis appeared in our classroom. He wrapped the Christmas tree in toilet paper and asked some children to decorate it for him!

4.12.18- Elvis was extremely troublesome today- writing his name on the classroom window! What a cheeky elf he is!

5.12.18- Elvis hasn't moved today but we think this is because some of the children touched him yesterday, we will keep an eye out for him tomorrow!

6.12.18- This morning the children found Elvis hiding a number on our number line.... can you work out what number it is?

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Christmas play practise


The children have been working really hard to practise the songs, as you can see from the photos, they are really enjoying working together to play the music off Mrs Orme's laptop!

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This week we have introduced Rock Star Times tables to the children. In willow class, we have to try and complete 60 questions in under 5 minutes

Try the following link to help your child.

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Special Agent Training


29.11.18- Today was the first session of our Special Agent Training. Thank you to Agent Freddie for your wonderful letter, the children were very excited to prove their capabilities. We have created our own Special Agent names and will be using these during our Training sessions.

Maths WC 12/11/18


This half term we are learning to add and subtract using practical equipment and pictorial representations.



This half term we have been focusing on instructions. To start off the topic, we all made a jam sandwich and they were extremely yummy! This half term we are learning to identify imperative verbs and adverbials of time.

How to make a Christingle


As part of our innovation in English, we have made a Christingle. We have started to draw story maps for the instructions then we will write the instructions using a range of adverbials of time and imperative verbs. Willow class can also identify the different features of an instructions text.



In Science, we have been learning about different materials and today (Wednesday 17th October) we investigated which materials are waterproof. We found out that plastic is the best waterproof material and this is the best material for a superhero cape.

Guinea Pigs in school


Thank you to Scarlet's mummy for bringing in the guinea pigs. We watched them eat some yummy food and we compared them to the rabbits that we have previously met.



In PE this half term we have been working on strengthening our core. We have played lots of different games to make us stronger.

WC 1.10.2018



On Monday, Evil Pea came into our classroom and drew on Brocolli, and hung Carrot from the ceiling! Luckily Supertato was around to save the day! Why not ask your children to retell the story using their 'Talk for Writing' actions. You will be amazed at how good they are :)

Rabbits in class


Thank you to Tia's mum and sister for bringing in her lovely rabbits. The children loved stroking them and Mrs Orme would now like a rabbit! 



Thank you so much to all parents that have supported with the homework. It has been great to see such a range of superheroes in school. They have really embraced the topic and it is wonderful they are extending their learning at home.

Art and DT

So far this half term, we have made scenery out of large pieces of material, paper, card and wool. We had lots of fun creating streets, forests and busy places. We will be using our pictures in pour writing next week.


This week we have been learning to make numbers, identifying the tens and ones, using a range of different equipment such as straws and cubes. Here are a few pictures of our work.

Growth Mindset


To start off the year we have played different games to help get to know each other. We have learnt to keep trying when tasks become tricky, asking our peers for help and working as a team.

Superheroes Curriculum Map

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