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Forest Schools

23.05.17 Pine Class - Climbing trees, making tree houses, negotiating and problem solving!

23.05.17 - Pine class Forest School session- Making Forest Trolls

Muddy Monday - 22.05.17 - Beech and Willow

Muddy Monday Beech and Willow class - Twig Towers - Who can build the highest tower? 15th May 2017

06.04.17- Family Forest School Day 


Thanks to the free trees for schools offer from the Woodland Trust the whole school and community were invited to help plant new trees and hedgerows, cut back large areas of bramble  and help to dig over large areas of neglected and overgrown land within our Forest School and school fields area. 

We were delighted to have so many people join us who were willing to tackle the growth and help as much as they could.  The children all enjoyed being outdoors all day and helping out, learning lots of new skills from the adults and being very physical too. 

Thank you to all who came and offered support, we all appreciate the hard work you did as it has made a huge difference to the area available for the children to learn in through their outdoor learning and Forest School sessions. smiley Mrs Ganley x 


We've had 1 6 9 5 9 visitors