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29th November 2018 - Pine class creating their World War 1 memorial pictures

23rd November 2018 - Year 5 visit to Pingle school to meet Winston and Minnie (their therapy dogs)

Carmen performance - 21st November 2018

16.11.18 - Visit from Armed Response Team - Can you spot the fake firearms?

15.11.18 Hartshorne meeting Walton Primary at Pride Park for a day of fun activities

9.11.2018 PCSO James Land visited to teach us about online safety

8.11.2018 Games of Remembrance - we took part in a historical event. What am amazing experience!

Games of Remembrance letter

Pine Class Spellings for Sponsored Spell

19.10.18 - Active Maths meeting our new link teacher

18.10.2018 - Clay work to develop our class shrine

Family Worship 17.10.2018 - all about our personal identity

16.10.2018 Human sentences - colons and commas

Carmen Project Letter

28.9.2018 Parachute games

28.9.2018 Stand Up Derbyshire, Active Maths

READING IS COOOOOOOOL - check out the new reading area..... still a few tweeks to perfect it.

21.9.2018 Place Value dominoes - made us all think a bit more

19.9.2018 The acting to go with the Carmen singing has started

13.9.2018 Outdoor Place Value work

We've had 2 9 7 9 4 visitors