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Welcome to brilliant Beech class.

Come and see how we learn! 


01.02.19 Celebrating NSPCC Number Day by exploring number, shape, space and measure in lots of different ways.

31.01.19 Discovering constellations and creating our own using fabulously, imaginative ideas such as a Dinosaur, Banger Car and the letter K!

29.01.19 Learning to subtract - taking away 1 from 10 to 1 -how many are left?

28.01.19 Welcome to our Space Station.

18.01.19 - Slumber party day! - Beech class were invited to come to school in their pyjamas/onesies for a memorable experience to help us with our topic 'What happens when I fall asleep?'. We had fun exploring the dark den using torches, shared stories and then played some party games to end our fun day.

Boom shake the alphabet

In class we have been learning the alphabet as well as our letter sounds in phonics. Here is a fun song that will teach your child the letter names and sounds.

10.01.19 PE in Beech class with our Sports Coach Chris.

18.12.18 Following instructions to make fruity Santa kebabs!

The Wheels on the Bus - Nursery Rhymes and Songs - School Radio - BBC Learning

Visit, a collection of video and audio bringing together traditional nursery rhymes and songs, counting songs and action songs. The songs and rhymes are an ideal Early Learning resource.

6.12.18 Where does orange juice come from ? How do we get juice out of an orange?

17.10.18 - Have you clicked on the VCR button yet on the home page ? Look for Beech class in the drop down menu and see the fun we've been having...

2nd October - We're going on a bear hunt...


Beech class discovered some footprints in their classroom, who could have made them? A monster? A t-rex? An Easter Bear? We went on a hunt to find out... 

...through the long, wavy grass,  the thick oozy mud, the deep, cold river, the dark forest, swirling, whirling snowstorm ... until we saw 2 googly eyes and hurried back and hid! We thought it was safe to come out ...although we still kept a look out and some children thought they saw a bear sleeping in our Forest School area! laugh

19th Sept - Exploring sounds using instruments

6th Sept - Our first day

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