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Spring 2 -Willow class Christian Value display - Respect

Spring 1 - Christian Values displays- Creativity -Beech and Willow class

Autumn 1 - Willow class had a visit from Miss Bashir who answered questions the children had thought of to find out more about the Muslim faith.

Autumn 1 - Willow class exploring Islamic artefacts in continuous provision.

Summer 2 -Beech class - Christian Values Display -Responsibility

Summer 1 - Beech Christian Values display - Trust

Beech RE display Spring 1 -2022 Did God create jellyfish from jelly?

Autumn 2 2021 - Beech class discovered all about the Jewish harvest celebration of Sukkot. They built Sukkah's just like the ones Moses had used to help shelter the children of Israel as he led them across the desert to the promised land.

Autumn 2 2021 - Beech class have been thinking about this term's Christian Value of Compassion, they created a heart of kindness using hand prints to help them remember that hands are used for kindness.

Summer 2 - Beech class discovered how everyone is responsible for looking after our world through our story "Somebody Swallowed Stanley", they went on a litter pick and talked about the importance of recycling our waste. Our students from the University of Derby created this amazing display reminding the children about the messages in the story!

Summer 1 - Beech class have continued to discover how special our world is by exploring the world through a pinhole.

Summer 1 - Beech class have been looking at Our Special World and went on a "Nature Quest" to find natural objects which they thought were their favourites, they were encouraged to use amazing adjectives to describe everything they had found.

Spring 1 - Special Places -Beech class looked closely at photographs of our local church and created their own churches using different types of construction

Spring 1 - Beech class have been exploring the story of creation and how they can be creative using lots of different materials and mark-making.

Autumn 2 Beech class explored the Jewish festival of light Hanukkah and created Menorah candles.

Autumn 2 - Compassion display -Beech class.

Autumn 2 - Beech class have been discovering the Nativity Story by exploring small world figures, dressing up and talking about the story.

Autumn 1 - Beech class have been exploring their class collective worship in different ways, through listening to stories from Jack in a Box, singing 'Welcome everybody' using Fischy music and lighting a candle to help us understand that we come together to think about God.

Spring 2 -Beech class have been finding out about Easter, beginning with the story of Palm Sunday. We discovered objects in Tom and Tessa's special box which helped us to think what might happen in the story and then used the ipads to find out more about what happened to Jesus on Palm Sunday. We also learnt the Hosanna jumping up and down song and made our own Hosanna Palm leaves.

Spring 2 - Beech class Christian Values display - Respect

Spring 2 - Beech class have discovered the traditional Muslim story of The Tiny Ants. They went on a bug hunt to see if they could find any tiny ants, but discovered lots of other minibeasts instead. We talked about how Christians show Respect to all living things because of The Story of Creation, linking this to our prior learning, and we shared ideas of how we could show respect too.

Spring 1 - Beech class have been exploring the theme of helping others, they thought about who they could help and discovered the story Jesus told to teach others about the importance of helping others and showing kindness. See if you can guess which story Beech class acted out using the small world characters.

Autumn 2 - Beech class have also been learning about The Nativity , exploring the story through small world and dressing up.

Autumn 2 -Beech - This term the children have been discovering the bible story the feeding of the 5000. We began by looking closely at the painting by John August Swanson and then Tom and Tessa brought some bible dressing up costumes for us to try. We also made coffee fliter fish which we decorated using felt tips and water mixing techniques to help remind us how Jesus shared the two fish amongst the 5000 people.

Summer 2 - Christian Value - Responsibility - Beech class

Spring 2 Respect - Pine class thought about LGBT and the role models in society

Spring 2 - Beech class - Christian Value display - Respect

Spring 1 - Pine class display CREATIVITY

Spring 1 - Beech class RE display - Helping others

Spring 1 - Beech class - Christian Value Creativity display.

01.02.19 Beech class performing the story of 'The Good Samaritan' and finding out about why Jesus told this story about helping others in need.

Autumn 2 Advent - Pine Class

Remembrance Prayers and Poppies

Autumn 1 - Beech class RE display - 'Hallowed be thy name' - finding out why God is a VIP to Christians.

Autumn 1 2018 - Beech class Values display - Friendship

Beech class-Summer 2 - Beech class had a visit from Tom and Tessa today who brought their treasure box. Inside it had lots of objects to remind us of the Story of the Creation and some jelly...Tom wondered if God had made jellyfish from jelly, so we experimented...

Beech class- Spring 2 2018 Christian Value - Respect - "The Rainbow that nearly wasn't" -exploring working together to create rainbows and appreciating other people's talents.

Beech class Spring 1 2018 - RE - " How can we help others when they need it? "

Willow class - Spring 1 2018 - Christian Value -Creativity

Beech class -Spring 1 2018 Christian Value - Creativity

Pine Class - Spring 2 2018 - Value Respect

Pine Class - Spring 1 2018 Christain Value - Creativity

Autumn 1 2017 - Beech class - Christian Values Friendship display

Summer 2 - Beech class Special Places display.

Beech Class - Judaism display - Summer 1 - We found out about the similarities and differences between Christians and Jews.

Beech Class - Christian Values Display - Trust Summer 1 - We learnt how the disciples put trust in Jesus through the 'storm on the lake' story and imagined that we were in the boat too.

Beech class- The Story of Creation (continued).                           3rd February 2017

The children discovered about how God had asked Adam to name all the living things he had made, including all the smallest bugs. Beech class created their own bugs and insects and then named them just like Adam had done.  The children worked together to make their own Garden of Eden to put all of their wonderful creations in. 

Beech class- The Story of Creation                                                      26th January 2017 

Beech class have been learning the Story of Creation. They then worked together in groups to recreate God's creation of all living things by finding, making and drawing each day's creations. 

Beech class - How we discover the story of Jesus's birth.   Autumn term 2


​Beech class have been experiencing the Christian story of the nativity in lots of areas of their learning.

Willow Class - Christian Value of Friendship Autumn 1. We read Rainbow Fish and thought about friendships

Beech Class - Christian Values Display - Friendship Autumn Term 1

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